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The Yoga Goddess Academy Podcast

May 5, 2020

In this episode I interviewed Stephanie Mitchell. Stephanie is the founder of The Rolling Mat, a mobile yoga studio based in Atlanta, GA. Since the start of her mobile yoga adventure, Stephanie, aka Rollin' Yogi, has been shaking of the yoga industry by providing well-rounded, community-driven yoga experiences and corporate wellness programs outside the four walls of a studio. This year Steph decided to take all of her knowledge and experience from being a small business owner in the yoga industry and put it to good use by providing business mentorship to help other corporate yoga teachers create their vision and empire, while owning their confidence and worth. This episode is perfect for you if you’re curious about teaching corporate yoga, want to diversify your income as a yoga teacher, or are looking to teach outside of a studio setting.
Today’s episode is brought to you by my online and in-person 40-hour advanced yoga teacher training, where we focus on the foundations that may have been glossed over in your 200-hour teacher training, such as sequencing, alignment, modifications, and more. Check the websiteto see where and when it will offered next. Without programs like this, I wouldn’t be able to make amazing content like this for you.
In this episode we discuss:
  • How Steph uses her yoga practice to help keep her grounded and centered in her daily life
  • How her background led Steph to choose a niche focused on corporate wellness
  • Getting over the idea that you can’t make a full-time living teaching yoga
  • How she sets herself apart from other corporate wellness businesses
  • How Steph has grown a successful corporate yoga business
  • Tailoring how you talk about yoga to your audience
  • “Leading with the benefits” in your yoga business
  • Steph’s mentorship program, which specializes in helping yoga teachers set up a successful corporate yoga business
  • What Steph loves about teaching corporate yoga
  • Generating private clients from a corporate yoga business
  • What to charge for a corporate yoga class
  • The first steps you should take for growing a corporate yoga business
  • Steph’s most embarrassing yoga teaching moment
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