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The Yoga Goddess Academy Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

In this episode I talk to Johanna Beekman; a multi-genre recording artist, songstress and kirtan artist, about how she came to the sacred practice of Bhakti yoga; the practice of devotion.
A musician, she came to yoga in the womb through the sounds of Ram Das and returned to her practice in her twenties. However after a car crash she moved beyond the physical practice of yoga asana and deeper into what she now teaches. 
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In this episode we discuss:
  • The role of sound yoga in healing past trauma 
  • The art of Kirtan; call and response singing
  • Setting the right conditions for your yoga practice 
  • Tapping into our intuition to find our dharma
  • Mantras; healing and protecting the mind through chanting
  • Johanna's new album, Mantra Soul 
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